Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Vengurla Backpack Trip: Day 2, Part 1

Our Day1 ended at Nivati. We were still left with a bit of northern Vengurla section to be covered, and the entire southern stretch. There were no concrete plans as such when we woke up on Sunday morning apart from the fact that we had to be back in Sawantwadi by 1630 hrs in any case to be able to catch our return train.

Oh yes, and we had missed clicking photos of Nivati beach, so we planned to head there for the sunrise.


Day2: Sunday, 26th April, 2015

0815 hrs: 
Just woke up. Checked the time - its long past sunrise. I wake up Tejal as well and we mutually decide to skip the morning beach plan. Its a lazy start.

0900 hrs:
We have ghavne (a type of local dosa-ish dish) and omelettes with tea for breakfast. and then pay up the bill. Total amount comes to Rs 1000 including the room rent, evening snacks, morning breakfast and water bottles. Seems OK for the setting.

0930 hrs: 
Before heading out of Nivati, we go to the beach for a quick sight and pic. Its low tide now and the waters are very welcoming. We repent not going earlier. Take a pic, console ourselves and return to the bike.

An eyeful of early morning repent

0945 hrs:
We decide to head to Bhogawe beach to the north. Last time at during a boat ride from Devbag, Tejal had been shown a relatively isolated beach. She thought it was Nivati, but not so. It might be Bhogawe, I suggest and we plan to go and check in person, if that's the case.
After Bhogawe we would turn south, cross Vengurla and check out Mochemad and Aravali beaches.

1030 hrs:
We reach Bhogawe beach. We check the northern shore first. The Devbag sangam on the opposite side looks as alluring as ever. I've fond memories of the place. The tsunami island is seen too, with another sandbar popped up due to low tide. We also see people para-sailing in the distance.
We then move to the western shore. Its as beautiful as ever. A few months ago, when I was here with a bunch of friends, we were treated to one of the most amazing sunsets. The beauty of the beach, the setting and a longing led me to pen. It feels great to be back here, but the thought remains the same - Wish You Were Here
In any case, though, this is not the beach Tejal had in mind.

I still wish you were here

1100 hrs:
We are back near the bike. We ask around for accommodation options here and are directed to a place at the far end of the northern shore. 

1115 hrs:
The property is actually a wadi sandwiched between the shore and a hill. Its called Sagar Darshan. The setting is pretty, the people are good, and the rates are good too. Ideal for a family and friends outing. We take contact details for the future.

The water is surprisingly sweet

Fanas-poli in the making

1135 hrs:
We decide to check out Nivati fort between Bhogawe and Nivati beaches. It is possible that Tejal's beach in question is located there. People here have alluded to it.

1145 hrs:
We start for Nivati fort. The bikes takes a certain amount of pushing up the slope.

© Kapil Pilankar

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